Back to School

Back to school with RACO

The school year is nearly upon us, and at Raco, we know how busy things can get come late January. Organising school books, uniforms, backpacks, stationary... not to mention the labelling, contacting, washing and ironing! To make heading back to school easier, we've put together some of our favourite back to school recipes and tips for busy mornings.

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Pizza scroll recipe


Say goodbye to boring sandwiches! These pizza scrolls are a delicious addition to the lunchbox. You can pack them with hidden veg for a sneaky nutritional boost - it's amazing how much finely grated or chopped carrot, zucchini or capsicum you can get past a fussy eater when it's in pizza form. Teamed with some fresh fruit, they're sure to be a schoolyard favourite. Use the RACO Aerolift 12 Cup Patty/Bun Pan for best results.

Chocolate brownie recipe

As an after-school treat, you just can't beat brownies. With their crisp edges and gooey centres, they're best served warm from the oven with fresh raspberries and a dusting of icing sugar. This recipe is especially delicious as the brownies are baked in RACO's mini loaf pan, so everyone gets to enjoy both the best of both worlds: crisp edges and a rich fudgy centre. Yum!


Top tips for busy mornings

Shouting matches, mismatched socks, tears, lunchbox demands... the average morning in any school aged household can be chaotic to say the least. To help you on your way, we've put together our favourite tips for a cool, calm and collected school run.  Check out our top tips for busy mornings here.