Tips for achieving the Perfect Pizza

Tips for achieving the Perfect Pizza

Different factors are involved when making pizza, including the thickness of the dough, the type of toppings, the size of the pizza, the percentage of humidity in the dough and the preferred degree of cooking.

Below are just some of our tips for making the Perfect Pizza.

Fresh Pizza Bases

Pizzas can have different types of bases so if you are uneasy about making your own pizza dough, why not use other options which can be easily purchased ready made. For instance, why not try focaccias, flat breads such as Pita, or pre-made pizza bases.

Frozen Pizzas

If you are cooking frozen pizzas - you should leave them at room temperature for at least 10 minutes after they are removed from their packaging before placing them into the oven.

What cheese?

Cheese is often the star of a pizza - melted, gooey and stringy however, choosing the wrong cheese can mean that your pizza can be ruined quickly.

You should try and use a blend of cheeses - such as mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar to ensure that you achieve a non-oily finish to your pizza which has the perfect stretch and balance of flavours.

Cheese should be grated for consistent cooking times and to ensure it is melted at a same rate. For instance, if you are using cubes of mozzarella rather than grated mozzarella, cooking time will increase or you could be left with a burnt base and un-melted cubes of cheese.

You can also use a variety of different types of cheeses so don't be afraid to try and include a crumbly feta or an extra strong vintage cheddar - it's all up to your taste.

What's on top?

Beware not to overload your pizza base with toppings. It's an easy trap to fall into by piling on all your favourite ingredients onto your pizza but it can easily then turn into one bit jumbled mess of flavours. Choose one of two toppings on a pizza to ensure the flavours are balanced. This is where mini-pizzas are a great idea because you can make more than one and choose different flavours on each.

Don't bunch all your ingredients on top of each other. Make sure you spread them out evenly across the base to ensure every bite is delicious.

The wait is worth it

As the smell of pizza spreads through the kitchen, it can be tempting to remove the pizza from the oven too early before everything has a chance to cook. If you are using an electric pizza oven, continually checking pizza cooking progress by opening the lid will increase cooking time. It is best to lift and/or leave the lid open as little as possible, so Perfect Pizza by RACO has included a viewing window to check cooking progress.

Even once out of the oven, wait two minutes before eating. Tempting as it is to cut straight in, allowing the pizza to sit will avoid burning fingers and mouths. We promise the wait will be worth it.

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