Home grown

Home grown

The other day my son and I were discussing where things come from.
Fish from the sea, wood from the trees, veggies from Coles..
Hold on, what?
Yep, that's what he said. Actually to be specific, he wasn't sure if they came from Woolies or Coles.Oh dear. Yes, we had a problem.
So I had a few options.Drive down to a farm and show him exactly where they come fromor better yet, we grow our own - and save some money in the process. Winning.

The next day we headed down to our local hardware store for some ideas and inspiration.I soon realised our problem - we didn’t have enough space in our garden for a full garden box so we'd need to be a bit creative..
So with a bit of help from Google, Etsy and Pinterest we made our very own garden box fit for our little balcony.

Step 1: Source a wooden box (like a wine box) and drill holes in the bottom for drainage (6-8 holes depending on size)
Step 2: Seal the holes with an eco friendly finish and allow to dry
Step 3: Decorate! Get the kiddies weather resistant paint and other materials and let em loose
Step 4: Fill the box with a good rich soil till almost the top of the box.
Step 5: Dig holes and plant anything with a shallow root system like lettuce, onions, corn, spinach and kale.
Step 6: Water as needed and watch your veggies grow!

So now, my son not only understands that veggies don't grow in aisle 2, but more importantly, he appreciates the time that goes into their growth and development, the importance of nurturing them and best of all he can't wait to eat his very own home-grown veggies!

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