Rainbow spaghetti still counts as cooking!

Rainbow spaghetti still counts as cooking!

Ok, confession time. I am not a great cook. I'm actually rather average and stick to the tried and tested family favourites. But, what I lack in creativity, I make up for with my mad “non food” inventions.

What do I mean by non-foods? Think; colourful rice, macaroni necklaces, home made play dough, slime buckets and rainbow spaghetti - all of which can be easily whipped up from basic pantry items and can lead to hours upon hours of playtime that is suitable from toddler to kinder aged kiddies alike.
These activities are especially great for for school holidays, rainy days and even birthday parties.

So, when little miss turned 2, instead of hiring entertainers, I brought the fun to the party with rainbow madness!
I made loads of rainbow spaghetti for her birthday party and the kids just loved putting it over their little hands, feet, heads and even in their mouths. It was an absolute hit and made for some awesome party pics.

Here is what to do:

1. Cook one pack of spaghetti noodles per colour
2. Drain noodles and rinse with cold water until they're cool
3. Using your hands, work a few capfuls of oil (any kind) into the warm noodles until they are nice and slimy.
4. Once the oil is mixed in, slowly add food coloring.
5. Work in the food coloring with your hands (wash hands as soon as you're done to avoid staining)
6. Use immediately or store in an airtight container
It was a huge success with the kids and even made me a “cool” mum - at least for the day ;)

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