Picnics are King

Picnics are King

It's been a seriously loooong winter and I'm so over staying indoors and trying to find ways to entertain the kidlets. There are just so many movies; play centres and baking days I can handle and the kids are also starting to lose it.
So when a few rays of sunshine peaked through yet another concrete coloured sky day, I threw together a quick picnic lunch, yanked the kids off the couch, the hubby from behind the paper and off we went to the local park.

And it felt so good to be outside again.Yes, the grass was a little damp and we had a thermos of hot tea rather than an eski full of icy poles but we were out of the house!

Lunch was a breeze to make and clean up, hello disposable everything, but soon the kids were getting restless and rather than just bundle everyone up and head home, I insisted on some old fashioned games.I may have had to bribe for enthusiasm but in no time, jumpers were being thrown aside, the cheeks were pink and shiny.

Here are some of our favourite family outdoor games:

Blanket volleyball
Divide into two teams and use two blankets to launch a ball from one team to the other, just like volleyball.
Its hilarious, awkward and more fun than you'd think!

Lawn scrabble
Just grab some cardboard and a thick marker pen and make up a huge scrabble board.
It will get their little heads working and away from the phone!

Treasure Hunt
This is good for the younger ones.
Give them each a list of things they have to find in and around the park, like leaves, branches, twigs, pebbles, a feather etc.
Once they find all the objects, they return to base with the 1st one winning a prize.

And best of all, by the time you get home, they'll be exhausted. So early bedtime for them and Bachelor reruns for you!

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