One on one time

One on one time

The other night, after yet another messy dinnertime, I was wiping down the benches when my little man asked me to come and play with him.My first thought was to say no. I was in the zone and wanted it all tidied up, but I looked up at his sweet little face and thought, how can I possible choose the dishes over you?!

And as much as it pained me to walk away from a dirty kitchen, I turned my back and soon we were building a Lego spaceship together, chatting about his day at school and discussing plans for the weekend.It made me realise how precious these days are and to embrace them, especially one on one time, as these are the moments that memories make.

Here are a few things we like to do, just the 2 of us.

City adventure
Catching a train is still an exciting adventure for my boy and he loves watching all the people and towns fly by.
We then spend time walking around the city, having lunch, going to the gallery, the museum or even just wandering around.
It's a world away from his day-to-day life and a chance to soak up the sounds and smells of the city.

He always needs something, be it a new jumper, shoes or a reward for great behaviour so off we go to the shops.
I buy him something that I know he needs but then I set him a budget for anything he wants (usually around $10) and he loves wandering around, debating what to buy, working out the sums and calculating how to squeeze the most out of his stash.
By the end of the shopping trip, he has something he needs and also something he really really wants. We then head home where he proudly shows off his new wares to his dad.

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