My kids run a restaurant

My kids run a restaurant

Last weekend my kids wanted their cousins to stay the night and have a sleep over.Noooooo, I thought. The last thing they will be doing is sleeping. Which means that mummy here will also be up all night.But they begged and begged, promised to be perfect little vegemites, gave me the sad eyes and of course I caved. It really doesn't take much.

So the troupe arrived around lunch time full of energy and mischief.Our first stop was the local mall where they spent a good hour debating what lollies to buy and then the next hour arguing what order to eat them in.Pretty highbrow stuff.

Later when dinnertime rolled around, I was flicking through the take away menu when my son came in super excited.“Mum, we want to make a restaurant for you and dad.”My eyebrows raised. This could be a great idea or a really really bad one.
So I took a deep breath and said, “Sure honey, but you make it, you clean it.”
And so my kitchen was turned into a restaurant by a 12 year old, two 7 year olds and 1 five year old.

Husband and I were ushered out of the kitchen and dining areas, the doors were closed and for the next hour we heard shrieks of laughter, pots banging and the cupboard doors getting a good workout.At one stage, the five-year poked her little head out, asked if we liked itchy bubs and then ran away again, laughing hysterically.We were perplexed and amused.

Finally, the time arrived and we were allowed to open the doors.And we were not disappointed.
They had set the table with our best China, neatly laid out all the silverware and we even had menus to peruse.

Turns out the restaurant's cuisine was Australiana and included:

• Witchetty grubs (itchy bubs) - cheese balls
• Skewered prawns - fish fingers
• And pavlova - crumbly biscuits with ice cream and fruit

They waited on us hand and foot and then handed us the bill!Cheeky buggers.

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