Left over Change over

Left over Change over

Have you still got loads of last night's dinner left in the fridge? Here are 3 easy ways to turn left overs into reworked masterpieces, with minimal effort and time!


That Sunday roast doesn't have to be exclusively in its roast form- why not try making it into a delicious toasted sandwich? Combine slices of meat, sliced roast vegies, cheese of your choice and gravy and place onto your bread. Sandwich together, head up in a pan or toasted sandwich machine and voila- a 'Roastie Toastie'! Try different combinations of meats, vegies and cheese varieties!


Leftover cooked pasta from last night's dinner makes a wonderful fresh pasta salad! Combine the cold, precooked pasta with pesto, a hint of mayonnaise, spinach leaves, shredded chicken (this can be store bought), avocado and sun dried tomato.


Who says you can't have breakfast for dinner? Omelettes are a great way to repurpose that left over curry, roast chicken, or pasta sauce that is sitting in your fridge. Start by whisking the eggs together with a bit of cheese and a splash of milk, pour into the pan until it begins to cook. Spoon in your leftovers, fold over the omelette, flip onto a plate and sprinkle with cheese!

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