Kind-er comfort food

Kind-er comfort food

Wanting to know how you can still indulge without jeopardising your health and 'summer body'? Here are 5 ways to make your comfort food healthier…

Switch your pasta for Zucchini noodles or 'Zoodles'. These noodles may not have that same carb-y taste, but they are an amazing base for pasta sauces and keep you full whilst providing your body with extra nutrients

Switch your doughy pizza base for pita bread. Another lower carb option, but this time you get an added crunch to your pizza!

Switch your burger bun for a lettuce cup. Because you won't be filling up on the heavy bread, it leaves more room for extra toppings such as egg and beetroot! Plus it is like salad's more attractive older sister.

Switch rice crumbs for bread crumbs. The gluten found in bread can cause bloating for some people, so to avoid this, try using rice crumbs instead, as they still give the same (or even better) crispy result!

Switch the deep fryer for the oven.Try baking your chips instead of frying them. This cuts the fat content of the chips dramatically, as you are not placing them into a hot pot of oil.

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