Freeze time

Freeze time

Don't compromise your weekly meals due to the lack of time you may have to prepare them! Try freezing various ingredients to make your dinner preparation quick and easy.

Here are some of our favourite ingredients to freeze!


That homemade bolognese you had for dinner will be great reheated on another night- maybe it could even be used as part of a lasagne or pasta bake! Freeze the leftover sauce in single serve portions in self seal bags, so you don't have to defrost the whole lot.


Dried herbs are wonderful in cooking, but fresh herbs are even better. Try freezing your leftover fresh herbs with a bit of butter or oil in an ice cube tray. These frozen 'herb cubes' come in handy for seasoning a dish or acting as a herb sauce for steak or chicken on another night!


An unpredictable 'frozen' ingredient, but one that will definitely come in handy. Rice is not only the perfect side dish to a chicken casserole, but frozen rice in particular works exceptionally well as a foundation for fried rice


Avocados are delicious and creamy, but sometimes they can be expensive or hard to find. Try freezing chopped up ripe avocados! When defrosted, blended and combined with lemon, they make a guacamole that is tasty and hassle free.


Store bought frozen vegetables just don't taste as good as the real deal. So try freezing a combination of your favourite fresh vegetables, such as carrot, mushrooms, beans or whatever you fancy in single serve self-seal bags. Simply pull them out of the freezer when you need them! Add them to stir fry's or simply reheat for a healthy side dish!


Best of all, by freezing these ingredients in single serve portions, you can cut down on food wastage!

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